From inside of a restaurant you can see a nicely put together woman walking down the sidewalk about to head inside. She seems to be confident and happy, as evidenced from her smile and carriage. You think you might want to get to know this woman. She gets closer and just as she opens the door to come in, she trips and her stuff goes flying everywhere…

That woman is me…

I recover as gracefully as I can, unaffected, hmm, maybe slightly ruffled…um, I have a high threshold for embarrassment because these things happen all of the time. I’m a DWEEB!

A nerdy dweeb at that: I’ve got a coupla masters degrees – MA in Health Studies, MPS in Human Resources and I’ll probably get a third masters (or doctorate, I’m still deciding).

I want to share what I’ve learned, and what I’m learning, from day to day.

I could not find a dweebier picture than this one!